You May Now Brew Saturdays Surf Coffee at Home

Saturdays Surf Coffee La Colombe Home Brew No. 1Fusing ingredients from Brazil, Ethiopia, and El Salvador, Saturdays Surf NYC has been proffering an unforgettable medium dark roast blend in partnership with La Colombe since the day they opened their doors back in the summer of 2009. You know, just one more good reason to hang around a store already filled with cool urban-surf minded books, chachkies and clothing. So, since you all love the coffee,  just about four years later, they’ve decided to free the bean…as in make it available for you to take home, grind and brew yourself. Of course the tin it comes in is a near perfect design for display…like if Chock Full o’Nuts decided to update more than once in a century. Anyway, Saturdays Blend No. 1 is perfect for..uh…Saturday mornings? Sure, why not?

Saturdays blend retails for $13.50 and is available online at saturdaysnyc.com  and at Saturdays’ Soho and West Village locations


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