We Love: Title of Work by Jonathan Meizler

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The small details are what usually sets a tie apart. A color, a fabric, an ever so witty pattern and, of course, desired width. When ties start getting too flamboyant, they can easily skew gauche of center—that “wild and crazy” guy no one ever wants to be around. You know what we mean. Title of Work is none of that. Title of Work’s designer, former couturier Jonathan Meizler, defies convention by crafting ties that push the boundaries of style into the realm of art. Subtle? Not exactly, but they don’t always turn the volume up to 10. Think leather bow tie and the random black diamond encrustation. Gratuitous?  Nope, but there are some ties that will start conversation no matter the crowd, like beaded conjoined babies on a slik tie. In between? Your call. Ombre and two tone ties are flippant but still elegant and unique designs like the micro beaded double sprayed line are preppy, but still boundary pushing. Title of Work by Jonathan Meizler prices range from $150 up to $1200 and can be found at Barney’s New York, Neiman Marcus, Harvey Nichols, and Harrods as well as at

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