Banksy Launches Homeware and Online Store

The elusive and prolific anonymous artist Banksy has gone digital with the launch of Gross Domestic Product, his first online shop. “This is not a proper shop – it is an actual shop,” the site disclaims, in a sorta “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” way. It further explains that only a limited number of items will be produced (“in an art studio, not a factory”) and potential buyers have until October 28 to register to purchase one, and only one, product. “Entrants will be selected at random and offered first refusal to make a purchase within 7 working days with a secure way to pay.”


The items in question include reimagined takes on some of Banksy’s biggest hits. Some standouts include a trio of framed prints that collate to form the famous Thrower visual and a bulletproof vest (stylized with bullet holes) with a distressed Union Jack print that was worn by Stormzy during this year’s Glastonbury festival. There are also more practical items, like a clock and mug, for those interested in a smaller souvenir from the enigmatic artist. And since he recently sold a piece for $12 million, it’s likely that even these smaller keepsakes will surely blow up on the resale markets.