Watch the Trailer for the Mother’s Day Horror Flick ‘Run’

One of the most beloved horror tropes is the unhinged mother. Whether its Pamela Vorhees avenging her son’s death by killing teenage camp counselors in Friday the 13th or Toni Colette just absolutely losing it after the death of her child in Hereditary (I’m sensing a pattern here), there’s nothing more unnerving (and entertaining) than watching a mother unravel. This definitely seems to be the case for Run, a new psychological thriller starring American Horror Story-alum Sarah Paulson due out later this spring.


In the new trailer for Run, Paulson seems poised to join the pantheon of iconic horror moms. The film casts her as a single mother raising a wheelchair-bound daughter who eventually starts to question her mom’s intentions. The trailer doesn’t reveal much, but there are shots of a possible name change, unhealthy overbearing tendencies, and possible traces of Munchausen syndrome that suggest that maybe mother doesn’t always know best. Even better, the movie is slated to come out during Mother’s Day weekend.


Run will be released on May 8. Watch the trailer above now.