What’s Going On in the ‘Come to Daddy’ Trailer?

These days, it’s best to go into a movie knowing as little about it as possible. With spoiler alerts and the general overdose of information we’re confronted with these days thanks to smartphones, social media, and cryptically judgmental Co-Star notifications, it’s hard to foster any sense of mystery. After it was recommended that I watch the now Academy Award-nominated Parasite without reading too much about it, and being completely shook by the whole viewing experience, I was sold: when it comes to new movies — to (sorta) quote Tame Impala and Rihanna — the less you know the better.


Which brings us to Come to Daddy. Let’s start with what we know about the upcoming horror-comedy flick: Elijah Wood stars as a man with a severe bowl-cut who travels to meet his estranged, eccentric father in a remote cabin by a lake. While that premise is as promising as any premise can hope to be, that’s all we get. In the trailer, it’s clear that Elijah’s life clearly spirals out of control after reconnecting with his dad in ways that range from a little uncomfortable (like walking in on a stranger pooping) to a potential full-on homicide. How’s that for daddy issues?


Come to Daddy hits theaters on February 7. Watch the trailer above.