Watch the Super Bowl 54 Halftime Performance Now

For everything wrong the Super Bowl stands for, they can still put on one hell of a show. Case in point: the holy union of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, who graced the television of over 100 million Americans with their legendary halftime performance.  The show is everything a TV performance should be: epic in ambition, a reminder of forgotten bops from year’s past (thank you for resurrecting the flawlessness that is “She Wolf”), and a perfect vehicle to unite two performers that would never perform together otherwise. Shakira and Lopez were also joined by current reggaeton stars J Balvin and Bad Bunny, and the cultural pride was loud and clear in one of the most Latinx Super Bowl performances ever. Plus, there was even a Led Zeppelin interlude and JLo recreated her underrated pole dance routine from Hustlers — really, just pure quality television in every way imaginable. And I don’t even know which teams were playing this year.


Watch Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s epic Super Bowl LIV performance in the video above now.