Watch Episode 2 of Prada’s Upcycled Nylon Series

After announcing its ambitious sustainability effort,campaign, Prada has released a second episode of its voyage around the globe demonstrating its Re-Nylon initiatives. This episode takes place at Lake Ossa in Cameroon where a South Sudanese-Australian model and Prada reporter Adut Akech Bior and Joe Cutler, National Geographic Explorer and Freshwater Conservationist, speak to local experts about the concerns at the country’s largest lake. Spanning over 15 miles, Lake Ossa is home to 90% of Cameroon’s species and provides a livelihood for surrounding communities. Fishing nets have been discarded in its waters for over decades now and have proven to be fatal to plants and wildlife. The communities are now working to remove the waste from the lake to recycle, de-polymerize, and transform it into ECONYL regenerated nylon. As Prada joins the sustainability race, perhaps more brands will follow suit.


Watch the episode above now.