Prada Debuts ‘Nylon Farm’ in 4-Part Video Series

Prada Nylon Farm_03
Image: Prada.

In a film project that emulates a futuristic-fairtyale, Prada pays major homage to the brand’s extensive use of Nylon fabrics in the past, present and future.

Taking place on Prada’s ‘Nylon Farm’, the four-part series bring viewers on a journey of how synthetic fleece harvested from cyborg sheep is woven into Prada’s signature nylon. Aside from paying respects to the brand’s go-to fabric, the series serves as a metaphor to the brand’s mission of paying respects to the brand’s history, constantly looking for the new and embracing the latest technological advancements.

The film will be presented through all of Prada’s social channels and is now available on online.