Prada Introduces Sustainable Nylon Bags

Prada‘s newest project Prada Re-Nylo focuses on creating sustainable bags using regenerated nylon called ECONYL. The initiative is a step towards the brand’s ultimate goal of converting all virgin nylon by 2021. ECONYL is instead obtained through recycling and purification professes of plastic waste collected from oceans, fishing nets, and textile fiber waste. It can then be recycled indefinitely without any quality loss, making a case for sustainability.


Prada has partnered with National Geographic to showcase cutting-edge processes towards sustainability in a film series called “What We Carry.” The first episode takes place as the first US carpet recycling facility in Phoenix, Arizona. The plant can recycle up to 16,00 metric tons of carpet each year, a bit under 3% of the carpets disposed of in the US each year. Prada also makes a case for sustainable prices by implementing these in their own production. The brand has also partnered with UNESCO to develop educational programs dedicated to plastic use.


Learn more about the initiative in the video above.