Watch Cire Trudon Prepare Its Holiday Candles

World’s oldest candlemaker (and one we love for holiday gifting,) Cire Trudon debuts six holiday-themed candles this year each in a silver leaf-applied glass. Sparkling with magnetic reflections and luminous surfaces, the inside of the glass is hand applied with silver leaves in a random manner. One the glass is prepared, the candles are filled with Abd el Kader’s silvery-white, Ernesto’s enigmatic black, Fir’s deep metallic blue, Nazareth’s magnetic red, Gabriel’s iridescent khaki, and Hupo’s golden amber solutions. The Christmas Nativity candles form a family of complementary scents, cozy feelings, and a tad bit of magical atmosphere. It only helps to watch the candle making process above with its swoon-worthy hypnotical effect.


Cire Trudon’s Christmas Collection is available at