Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year is Classic Blue

Featured items: Ermenegildo Zegna Techmerino suit, Away suitcase, Hermès Etriviere shoulder bag, and Cariuma shoes

If 2019 was the year of nostalgia, 2020 will take us back to the classics starting with the Classic Blue hue as Pantone‘s color of the year. The next decade commences with astrological changes and a time of transition– hopefully both politically and socially as well. The classic blue is a color with a transitional quality, it is specific to that hue the sky turns at dusk. It inspires an idea of security and the possibility that empowers and also translates into a soft and even calming nature. It is also a timeless color always had been popular amongst royalty and even now with brands including Away making suitcases, Cariuma making sustainable shoes, and others with couches, suits, bags, and others in the particular hue. The simple elegance of the blue is enchanting. Pantone’s intent in choosing the color further hopes to bring a “sense of peace, and tranquility to the human spirit, instilling calm and confidence and offering refuge.”


Color, an element of our sense of sight, is one of our most powerful abilities. Vibrating on frequencies, there is an entire science behind our reaction to certain colors that Pantone continues to meticulously study. This year, the Color Insitute also took to other senses to create the blue. In collaboration with Audio UX, the sound of blue is dubbed “Vivid Nostalgia” taking us to comfort and familiarity. For the touch of blue, Pantone worked with The Inside to create a custom fabric with a velvet texture to continue the theme of softness. The final smell and tastes of blue were brought by Firmenich creating a candle with notes of the sea and salt, and jelly of unripe berries. The result is a color symphony dancing down our sense and potentially the next decade with hope and the good kind of change.


Listen to the Classic Blue “Vivid Nostalgia” in the video–