The Latest Watch from TSOVET

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Clean! Traditional! Vintage! These would be the words belted out in a Tsovet themed game of Pictionary. Just go with us on this. Tsovet, a friend to the wrist and eyes, has just announced the newest addition to its collection, the SVT-DW44. And let’s just say it now: It’s a stunner. Encompassing the details and precision of a traditional Dive watch, the SVT-DW is built to withstand rigorous oceanic depths of up to 200 meters by using premium stainless steel and reinforced pressure gaskets. In other words: style, check. Functionality: check, check. The dial markers and hands are made highly visible with Super Luminova applied hour markers include the trademarked “0” at 10 position on the face. The SVT-DW is available in three color combinations and will launch a rubber band version to follow-up the metal soon after. So whether you’re surfing, diving past octopi and electric eels, practicing your doggy paddle or styling along the beach — all the things that you daydream about at the office — Tsovet’s newest addition should be right there with you. Priced between $450-$525, The SVT-DW44 will be available January 30th on


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