Warby Parker + Man of Steel is Superman Style

Superman glasses Clark Kent glasses Warby Parker Man of Steel Movie Style

Now that the Great Gatsby’s been done…and done…and done some more…it’s time to move on to the next great cinematic harbinger of American style—Man of Steel. The latest Superman flick that set to hit the big screen June 16th and with it one of our favorite icons of nerdy red, white and blue-chic, that comely newspaper boy named Clark Kent. That means look for a revival of the accessory Mr. Kent ostensibly wore to really throw everyone off his trail—the thick framed, black glasses. It’s a look we adore and one that’s been trending for some time but with Man of Steel set to take over movie world, it’s about to be put in the spotlight. So…how to stand out? We say check out Warby Parker + Man of Steel. The two frame collection is made up of Chamberlain and Percy models and come with a red or blue stripe along the arm, to give it the just so Superman style. Both frames are under $100, including the lenses at warbyparker.com


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