For Your Kicks: Stylish Slip On Technology

Hickies Shoe Laces slip on shoes



Shoe laces are…annoying. They’re grimy, nasty dirty things that produce two, strange looking loops. When those loops aren’t dangling near the bacteria infested sidewalk, they’re flopping about, making your shoe/sneaker look a sloppy mess. If you’re the sporting type, the laces dilemma unfolds into actual danger. See: tripping. You can try to tuck them in, be creative with how you lace them or…you can get into these things called “Hickies.” Nevermind the curious name…the product is a simple elastic strap that’s been created to eliminate the need for laces and in the process, turns your lace up into an easy slip on. Simple as that. The elastic laces can adjust tightness, width, be criss crossed and can also be used for things like yoga mat holder or cable cord organizer. They come in a laundry basket of color, from plain white and black to mixed pastels, metalics and even rainbow which can spruce up some looks. And, all for just under $20 a set (14 pair) at Not a bad pre-summer gift to yourself.

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