Saint Laurent Presents Film-Installation in Shanghai

Making its international debut, Saint Laurent‘s first SELF film A Night in Shanghai is curated by Chinese artist Wong Kar Wai and directed by Wing Shya. Beginning last year with artists chosen by Anthony Vaccarello, the SELF series is an extension of the ethos of Saint Laurent and its attitude. The film, set in Shanghai, will be on view exclusively at the Yuz Museum in the Chinese city’s art district in an immersive screen-installation from November 22nd through 24th.


A Night in Shanghai threads the story of searching for the “self.” Ju Xiaowen walks on a wire in the film symbolically trying to find real-life between the stark past and present. She is looking deeper into who she really is and how to wants to express that. The destination being Shanghai also reflects a deep connection between the contemporary brand and the highly-developed, artistic city. Check out a clip from the video above now.