Rag & Bone Spring/Summer 2015 Photo Series

Spontaneity swashes with celebrity in Rag & Bone‘s portrait series for Spring/Sumer 2015. Shot by British-born photographer Andreas Laszlo Konrath, the project reveals a rather intimate side to an eclectic mix of entertainment stars (Jerry Seinfeld, Honor Titus, Ben Lovett), fashion fanatics (Ethan James Green, Gucci Westman, Gerald DeCock), and social influencers (Glenn O’Brien, David Haskell, Lincoln Pilcher). The common thread? Their love for the world of Rag & Bone, of course, as reflected in each’s attire. See the full series below, and be sure to note how women love to rock menswear from the brand too.

  • Alex McWatt

    Alex McWatt_1

  • Andreea Diaconu

    Andreea Diaconu_1

  • Ben Lovett

    Ben Lovett

  • Camille Rowe

    Camille Rowe_2

  • Carmelo Anthony

    Carmelo Anthony_1

  • Colin Spoelman

     Colin Spoelman

  • David Haskell

    David Haskell

  • David Neville

    David Neville

  • Duffy


  • Ethan James Green

    Ethan James Green_2

  • Fabrice Penot

    Fabrice Penot_2

  • Gerald De Cock

    Gerald De Cock_1

  • Glen Luchford

    Glen Luchford_1

  • Glenn O'Brien

    Glenn O'Brien_1

  • Glenna Neece

    Glenna Neece_2

  • Gucci Westman

    Gucci Westman_1

  • Honor Titus

    Honor Titus_2

  • Jack Webb

    Jack Webb_2

  • Jerry Seinfeld

    Jerry Seinfeld_1

  • Lincoln Pilcher

    Lincoln Pilcher

  • Lucy Chadwick

    Lucy Chadwick_1

  • Marcus Wainwright

    Marcus Wainwright

  • Nigel Godrich

    Nigel Godrich_1

  • Paul Boche

    Paul Boche_1

  • Sean Cunningham

    Sean Cunningham_1

  • Yuri Pleskun

    Yuri Pleskun_2


Photos courtesy of Rag & Bone.