Public School Denim Launches For Spring 2013 (And A Bag You Can't Buy)

public-school white denim heineken

So two bits of news coming from the guys at Public School (who you love for their chill mix smart and street). Since you’re curious, first is the bag-news. They’ve partnered with Heineken for the “Heineken 100” program—an influencer and celebrity seeding program that celebrates and promotes tastemakers/designers/cool kids. For the collaboration, Public School exclusively designed a limited-edition weekender duffle bag that features a black and navy camouflage jacquard twill, leather accents, and black nylon straps that have been die-cut into the bag for maximum display of the intricately woven fabric. Too bad they’re not for sale. So, turn your attention to the bigger news—Public School is launching a full on denim line for Spring 2013. “You don’t really get a true sense of our own collection untill you do denim,” Public School’s owner Dao-Yi Chow said while walking us through the collection. That feeling, of being proudly American and rooted in the diversity, innovation and creativity that are the streets of New York, is sewn into just about every stitch. Please, take that literally—they produced the entire line in New York City’s garment district. There’s a lot to love (including the price points which start at about $168), but what stood out the most were the White Oak Canvas Selvedge that had been sprayed with wax at 180 degrees. The process lends the pant the kind of malleability and sturdiness that will have the stylist in you laughing giddily. Also of note is the rare example of stretch selvedge, an unusual meld that’s comfy and durable. You’ll find the collection landing at Odin New York and Bloomingdales come December.


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