When Odin first opened their doors back in 2004, its fair to say that no one shopping there could imagine that the little East Village menswear shop would become a brand worthy of world wide recognition. Stores in the East Village don’t really leave the East Village. If they do, they go Brooklyn. Odin has done an amazing job at going global—most specifically with their renowned fragrance that has received nods from the international FiFi Awards for bottle design and sells in specialty boutiques and department stores the world over. Last night they toasted their first ever pop up shop, or more appropriately a pop up instillation—the tiny space  is more of a sanctuary where one can experience the full breath of the fragrance line. Odin enlisted the multifaceted talents of design firm Snarkitecture who created an all white sculpture that emphasizes the bottle’s design by casting replicas in white plaster. The result is a sculpture that snakes from the front of the store to the back, up the wall and on to the ceiling, filling the space much as the scents fill a room. Befitting of Odin’s much deserved stature, the pop up will leave New York for Europe and Asia sometime in the next six months. Check out a little video that does a better job of showing you the size of the instillation than the pics.