Porsche Design SS’14


Porsche Design’s Spring 2014 collection seems to have been dropped in from the future, at least the future we all remembered in the movies of our youth. The clothes are either sleek or flowing, producing a harmony of design that gives elegant lines free reign. Outerwear is heavily featured: there are long coats and tightly-zipped jackets, amplifying or sometimes just accentuating the wearer’s physique. The colors are a strong contrast between light and dark, with frequent use made of florescent, or reflective materials, shiny silver and white mixed with deep blue and black for a stirring, space-age effect. We are asked by Porsche Design to recapture the feeling of wonder that we felt when imagining the future, and to approach the new possibilities of the springtime with that same sense of wonder. We are asked, by Porsche Design, to dream again.

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