NOIZY Brands at #EssentialHommeSummerParty

Last month at our #EssentialHommeSummerPartyNOIZY Brands joined us to celebrate the unveiling of our newly-designed print magazine, as well as the exciting season ahead for the makers of audio listening gear. Conceived from a frustration toward tangled up earbuds—or what you might remember as any time you’ve ever had to ride the subway—NOIZY created a lightweight, stylish audio set that uses Bluetooth technology to work with all Apple products, Androids, and even Blackberrys. With a 16-bit stereo and built-in mic, these babies function wirelessly up to 33 feet away from their music source. Don’t believe us? That’s okay, check out the video above featuring NOIZY co-founder Jerry Chu to learn more.

Photo courtesy of Youtube.