New Brand: Hotel 1171 Menswear

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Whoever heard of that old “flu” thing. We’ve got the travel bug around here (no, really, off to the European shows!), which has piqued (up) our already equable attention to travel-style. Fitting, then, that we come across a brand new label in menswear that counts travel as its core inspiration. Hotel 1171 arrives just in time for Spring 2013 with a laser like focus on the style-minded adventure seeker—that guy who is just as comfortable kicking it along the rugged shores of the American Northwest, the trains of India, the mountains of Peru as he is along the art galleries of New York’s Chelsea, the boutiques of Paris’ Saint Honoré, the malls of Mexico City. (By the way, we’re not mathematicians, but if you add all of that up, we’re pretty sure that equals Tokyo.) 26-year-old designer and creative director Brett Baldwin was inspired by the desert, Hong Kong and fishing trips to the Sierras for his first go round with Hotel 1171. The brand’s graphic is a door knocker—meant to recall the “excitement of travel and spontaneous adventures.” We assume, the metaphorical knocking, thereof. Standouts include a floral-lined bomber with leather trimmings (versatility, defined, and kinda western), saddle shoes made from aged leather, suede and lightweight athletic soles (for peripatetic needs), hoodies designed in premium fleece mixed with lambskin sleeves (a nice compromise between luxe and lazy) and the washed denim duffle bag that kinda-sorta-really makes us want to jump on a horse and ride off into the mountains. Check the whole collection, and video (great watch) after the jump.

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Hotel 1171 can be found here.