Keep an Eye on: Kai Aakmann

Kai Aakmann Korean designers up and coming new talent young runway fashion show spring 2013 unisex designer harem pants Soojin Park

The looks put forth by Kai Aakmann move sinuously around classic styles, post-modern minimalism and aim to buck gender proclivities. In other words, here’s an up and coming Korean label that’s been slowly, gently, but doggedly hitting a very street-y cum avant garde nail on the head since it started in 2007. Under the helm of young Korean designer Soojin Park, the so based label’s got the kind of curiously unique panache and sense of style that’s really starting echo outside of its homeland. Tough enough for running around town, deliberate enough for the artier affairs, and infused with an imagination that surpasses the banality of strict mens/womens distinction. A point though—they often refer to themselves as being “unisex” but, we’d argue not so, so much, at least in the current sense of the term—meaning clothing for men constructed in feminine shapes with soft textures (anyone else see all the sheer on the Spring 2013 runway?) but Kai Aakmann’s approach upends things a bit by supposing, curiously enough, more of a subdued, middle ground. So yes, the clothing goes there (harem pants, plays on proportion) but doesn’t throw itself off a cliff (shorts that might pair well with some J.Crew. ect). Not to reference other designers so much, but really, a cool mix of something like Maison Kitsuné with Rick Owens (Owensuné—now its own adjective?). Rather plucking our curiosity strings about what to expect from Kai Aakmann and Soojin Park in the future.  Check the first Spring 2013 arrivals for and some video-like inspiration left over from winter after the jump.

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