Marc by Marc Jacobs: Now Serving Men’s Watches


Image: Marc by Marc Jacobs.

While we typically choose to arrive to the party at a tardiness that might rival Adriana de Moura’s wedding—”oh sorry did we say 9PM? I could have sworn I mentioned midnight!”—thanks to Marc by Marc Jacobs, it looks like it might be time (more watch puns please!) to reevaluate our schedules and accessories. This season Marc Jacobs‘ secondary line (recently under new creative direction, but still retaining the playfully-retro sensibility that Jacobs first poured into those powerful four letters when the designer launched the brand 13 years ago) introduces its first line of men’s watches: a much needed slap, tighten, and closure on the wrist for downtown ruffians wondering how the hell do real people stay on time. It’s also for men that like pretty things. The collection touches on both brands’ military and vintage inspirations, resulting in a mix of utilitarian timepieces (the Larry) and as well as traditional watches (the Daniel and the Jimmy) with chronograph layered dials, round cases, and luminescent indexes. See some of our favorites below and then rush over to for the full series. But do it fast—who knows how long you’re taking to just read this!?—beacause there’s no time to spare!