Madonna Gets into the Fragrance Fray

“Reductive” is really the only word that comes to mind upon hearing that the Queen of Pop is getting into the celebrity fragrance market. A Madonna fragrance? Really? She’s copying marketing ploys from people like Justin Beiber and Paris Hilton now? All apologies—we love a good Madge tune as much as the next guy, and we’ve gone to every concert since, well…since long time ago—but she’s always reigned supreme for her ability to be original. The only thing original about this perfume is absolutely nothing. She’s even calling it “Truth or Dare”. What is this 1991? Actually, we wish. Even if you argue, as so many do, that back then Madonna was all about getting attention for sales, at least her “shock and awe” albums, art books and other marketing ventures challenged some sort of progressive pop cultural discourse. Harsh, we know, but this fragrance only drives home the point that the Madonna we fell in love with hasn’t only retired, but that she’s become reductive. They even had to photoshop Madonna’s face and shoot her in the exact style of her early 90’s heyday (which does look beautiful) You may say its just a fragrance but when Madonna does something its never a “just” moment. Its OK for a star to fade, in fact, its usually the only due course when an overdose or tragic accident isn’t involved, but its entirely sad to see a fading star trying to hang on so…ugh…reductively.

Available at ; 2.5 oz/75ml EDP $68.00