Marni for H&M Available Today

Much ink has already been spilled about the frenzy surrounding designer collaborations sold at mass market retailers, so much so that it’s almost starting to seem routine: designer collaboration is announced, anticipation builds, release date pandemonium ensues and then much of the collection makes its way online to be sold at marked up prices. However, any fatigue around the trend wasn’t evident last night at a press preview for the new Marni at H&M collection, debuting for the general public at select H&M stores today. Marni might not have the same brand name recognition among the general public as previous H&M partners like Versace, but it does carry with it some fashionable gravitas that certainly speaks to the stylish set. The men’s portion of the collection will appeal to those not afraid to make some bold sartorial choices on a budget; among the outerwear were two severely cropped, hooded cotton vests and the knit selection included a short-sleeved cashmere sweater. That isn’t to say that the average H&M shopper won’t find anything to suit their needs, as well. The lightweight cotton parkas and regular-fit shorts are clean and simple, and the prints on shirting and bathing suits are unique without being overwhelming. Other highlights from the collection include a Mackintosh-style coat with knit sleeves that is perfect for spring along with a shorter, straight-cut contrast sleeve jacket. And there’s even a pair of fine-knit socks with a racing stripe for $9.95 if you’re really taking this bargain-shopping movement to heart. For more information on Marni at H&M, visit (and probably eBay by now, too).