Let’s Talk About Pierce Brosnan’s Incredible Instagram

Sure, it’s plenty of fun to troll through selfies of Beyonce, James Franco, Gwyneth Paltrow, and John Stamos on Instagram, but there’s also a collection of incredibly famous folk with under-the-radar status when it comes to social media pursuits. Chief among them: Pierce Brosnan. Now sure, 94K is an enormous following — we’re not diminishing — but the man who played James Bond and Remington Steele (not to mention starring roles in Mrs. DoubtfireThe Thomas Crowne AffairMama Mia, and the Sarah Jessica Parker flop I Don’t Know How She Does It) isn’t the first name at the top of any of the must follow #celeb lists. But why not? At 60, he’s got the selfie down, is great at humble-brags, plus a sense of humor? Check(+)! Here’s a sampling of some of what you may be missing.

Ps: we’ve got a pretty great account too.

Images courtesy of Instagram.