Le Labo Introduces Electric Home Diffuser

Le Labo DiffuserImage: Le Labo.

New York-based handmade perfume house Le Labo debuts its latest creation, the Santal 26 home diffuser, onto olfactive markets worldwide. Designed with the reclaimed wood of New York’s water tanks to accompany an old-fashioned Edison light bulb, the device utilizes a nebulizer to transform fragrance oil into a fine mist that fills a space with warm lighting and scents. An exquisite interpretation of the brand’s ideals of personal extension through luxury perfumes, customers can create their own fragrant space by adjusting the intensity with a quick turn of a knob. Every product features a distinct uniqueness, each piece of wood varying in color from product to product, with a punched serial number along the siding to emphasize purposeful individuality.  Thomas Edison once said, “We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles,” though with Le Labo’s innovation, a high-end lifestyle can be experienced by every user through the latest technology and a vintage design.

The Santal 26 home diffuser is available online now.