It’s Been A Long Week: The Standard Biergarten’s Frozen Caipirinha

Image: ESSENTIAL HOMME, The Standard Biergarten.

As true believers of the work hard, play hard mantra, we present you with It’s Been a Long Week, a weekly column aimed at awarding some liquid appreciation to you for just being yourself, dammit. Make a glass or two on us, you deserve it.


The Standard Biergarten’s Frozen Caipirinha

Drawn from the ostentatious Manhattan eatery of the same name, the Standard Biergarten‘s Frozen Caipirinha is a definitive cocktail. Pair with pretzels beneath the trailing trestles of New York City’s High Line for a perfect evening of casual sipping.




  • 0.5 Lime
  • 0.5 oz. Rich demerara syrup
  • 2 oz. Leblon Cachaça
  • Splash of Fresh lime juice

Image: ESSENTIAL HOMME, BG Reynolds, Leblon, Jugo de Limon.


Muddle half a lime with rich Demerara syrup, add Leblon Cachaça & top with crushed ice. For the finishing touch, splash with fresh lime juice.