Happy Thanksgiving! Here are 10 Iconic Dinner Scenes

Thanksgiving, despite its violent and genocidal history, tends to bring families together for one splendorous meal where everyone shares what they’re grateful for while trying to avoid talking about politics. In honor of this festivity, we’ve selected 10 iconic dinner scenes — some good, some a little uneasy, some musical — to set the tone. Enjoy!


Oof. I’ve been a guest at this dinner with some of my high school friends’ more dysfunctional families.


Growing up, my mother always made us fast-forward through this scene because it grossed her out so much.


The name-calling at the end is PEAK Pixar comedy.


How was Toni Collette not even nominated for the Academy Award? A crime. A crime against talent.


Imagine being in the writer’s room for this. Do you think they had this in mind or did they just let the actors go for it?


This needs no explanation.


If your dinner party doesn’t include a ghost-assisted ensemble number accessorized with a single elbow-length glove I’m not coming.




The shark was eating dinner.


The eyeball soup still gets me.