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Germain-Robin Brandy Revamps Its Style & Limited Production

The California-based brandy Germain-Robin is relaunching its two expressions Germain-Robin and Germain-Robin XO in limited quantities with an entirely new bottle design. Just in time for the launch, Hubert Germain-Robin has returned as the prodigal co-founder to work alongside Master Distiller David Warter to uphold the brand’s exquisite standard. Germain-Robin has long been renowned for using handcrafted cognac stills and complex, aromatic California grapes in its spirits. Imposing centuries of family history with brandy, Hubert refused to cut corners in the new releases — as a result, each release contains only 2,300 6-pack cases of the spirit. Each expression celebrates the signature fruitiness of the spirit balanced with the French oak. Both expressions are distilled exclusively in Pruhlo Charentais Pot Stills and aged in air-dried Limousin Oak Barrels.


Germain-Robin and Germain-Robin XO will be available in March.