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Patron Releases a 10-Year Old Añejo

It already takes at least six-to-seven years for an agave plant to mature and with an added aging time, Patrón‘s newest Extra Añejo 10 Años is a proper teenager (19 years old) of a tequila. As one of the few tequilas aged this long, the new category opens up a whole field for exploration of aging the spirit like a Scotch whisky.


The tequila is a blend of American oak and hybrid American and Limousin barrels, some of the best and oldest that the brand’s hacienda owns. The release is particular to only 6,200 bottles exclusively in the United States. The next batch will be available in 10 more years, so the grandpa-tequila is truly one of a kind for its time and age.

Patron Extra Anejo 10 Years