Fujifilm X-100 BLACK Limited Edition

Fashion week’s got us excited about clothes but what with all the cameras we’ve been spying, its also got us going about photography. So its befitting that Fujifilm’s will start shipping sometime in the next week a sleek limited edition all-black version of their much loved, critically acclaimed FinePix X-100. The X-100 took the photography field by storm when it was released last year with the world’s first ever hybrid viewfinder. Yup, the camera combines all the parts of old school optical viewfinders you love with the amenities provided by more modern digital ones. Despite its compact size, it delivers the strength of a professional camera, offering the operability o the aperture ring at the lens and the exposure compensation dial on the top deck to aid instinctive photography. With its classic design, high precision magnesium alloy casing wrapped partially in leather-like finish It was already a handsome camera, but the all black version, limited to 10,000 models, ups the ate by making it simply class.

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