Gap Collaborates with Bielmann Surfers for Capsule

2016.5.6-GAP-42271Image: Gap.

Gap is back with another partnership, the next in a long line of successful collaborations with names like Keds and Pierre Hardy. This time, the classic American brand is releasing a line of T-shirts that feature the work of Brian and Brent Bielmann, two of the foremost surf photographers in the world. The former is a pioneer in his field with nearly 40 years of experience and the portfolio to match, and his nephew is regarded as a prominent up-and-comer. Their capsule collection with Gap, available for purchase next Monday, May 23, 2016, includes six T-shirts that feature the pair’s dreamy marine photographs.

2016.5.6-GAP-42280-RecoveredImage: Gap.

For Gap’s VP of Men’s Design John Caruso, the choice to collaborate with was a no-brainer for the summer launch: “The Bielmanns capture the spirit of surfing like no other photographer. Their images spark the kind of summer memories that we’re thrilled to celebrate in Gap’s collection of exclusive tees.”

Brian shares a similar sentiment about the relatability of the photos. “I am always amazed by how many people love the ocean. Even people who don’t live anywhere near it are still captivated by the feelings it provokes,” he says. “The thing about surfing is, even if you don’t surf, you look at the images and imagine what its like to live the lifestyle. I don’t think you can say the same about other sports.”