Facetasm Launches Capsule with Coca-Cola

Inspired by a trip to Coca-Cola‘s archives in Atlanta, Japanese designer Facetasm is releasing a new workwear-inspired unisex capsule as part of its Fall/Winter 2019 line. The 22-piece collection includes t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, trousers, and caps that incorporate the industrial uniforms in a modern context, with subtle line-stitched detailing and branded Coke patches adorning the denim pieces.


“This project is a mashup of street and luxury. We hope consumers enjoy the vibe created by the two totally different companies coming together on this collaboration,” Facetasm founder Hiromichi Ochiai said in a statement. The collection launches today at L’Eclaireur in Paris and will roll-out internationally throughout the summer. Check out some of the pieces in the slideshow above.