Edun + Ryan McGinley Shirt to Save The Elephants

Edun Ryan Mcginley african elephant

So, that elephant on the tee-shirt up there probably has no idea it’s been shot by one of the most celebrated and stylish photographers of our age—Ryan McGinley—for the fashionable/charitable side project of one of the world’s most prolific rock stars. You know, that Bono guy? We’d comment about the bliss of ignorance the elephant must currently be enjoying but actually, if you’re a wild African elephant, then you’re really an endangered species. Meaning that you’re neither feeling blissful nor appreciate ignorance. One way to help our pachydermal friend live in world where he might feel more relaxed would be to purchase this limited edition tee-shirt, because all proceeds from the 100% Tanzanian cotton product will go to, a non profit dedicated to ending the illegal trade of endangered animals. Check the where to buy after the jump.




The Edun + Ryan McGinley tee-shirt is $48 at


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