DJ C-HIM x Essential Homme April/May 2015 Mixtape

Image: Essential Homme.

Hailing from the Brick City Club style of music, DJ C-HIM packed a punching mixtape to coincide with Essential Homme‘s new April/May 2015 issue. From Drake to Bieber, start your day off with a #JERSEYCLUB rager fit for any club or cubicle.

Audio: DJ C-HIM.



Track list in the following order:

01. “She Knows” (KickRaux Remix) – Neyo ft Juicy J
02. “Vaneck” (Produced by Fiinesse) – Mvck feat. Spanky Mack
03. “No Type” (Gianni Lee x HI$TO Remixx) – Rae Sremmurd
04. “Good Kisser” (Rah L x DJ C-HIM Remix) – Usher
05. “Get it Girl” (DJ GetEm Remix) – Spanky Mack
06. “Flicka Da Wrist” (Jersey Club Remix by Styles Savage x Supreme) – Chedda Da Connect
07. “Know Yourself” (Jersey Club Remix by DJ C-HIM x Styles Savage) – Drake
08. “Nxwxrk” (Sliink ‘I Run New Jersey’ Remix) – Nadus
09. “Truffle Butter” (YK Remix) – Nicki Minaj
10. “Cartoons & Cereal” (Prototype Remix) – Kendrick Lamar
11. “W.D.Y.W” (Jersey Club Remix by DJ HOOD) – DJ Carnage
12. “PIYP” (Jerssey Club Mix) – 2H
13. “DnF” (DJ C-HIM x DJ Problem Remix) – P Reign feat. Drake & Future
14. “Trifecta (If You Don’t)” – DJ Sliink x TWRK x Green Lantern
15. “711” (Jersey Club Remix by YK) – Beyoncé
16. “The Worst” (WDMG Remix by DJ C-HIM) – Jhené Aiko
17. “Anaconda” (Jersey Club Remix by Styles Savage) – Nicki Minaj
18. “Often” (Flythenerdofclub x DJ C-HIM Remix) – The Weeknd
19. “I Don’t Mind” (Homewrecker Edit) – Usher feat. Juicy J
20. “Up Like Trump” (Styles Savage Remix) – Rae Sremmurd
21. “You Make Me Wanna Jump” (YK Jersey Club Remix) – Rupee
22. “Red Cup” (DJ C-HIM x Getem Remix) – E-40 feat. T-Pain
23. “All That Matter To Me” (GetEm x DJ C-HIM Remix) – Justin Bieber
24. “Connect” (DJ C-HIM x Getem Remix) – Drake


Note: Neither Essential Homme nor DJ C-HIM claim ownership of any of these songs. If you have ownership of music in this playlist and wish to not be included, please contact us at INFO [at] and we will remove immediately.