Depp Goes Blonde, Gyllenhaal Goes Gaunt, LaBeouf Goes Nude

Three very particular news items, in seemingly no particular order.

Johnny Depp and Sir Christopher Lee


J. Depp attended the 57th London Film Festival Awards at Banqueting House Whitehall over the weekend to support his friend and former co-star Sir Christopher Lee. And he came with a new look, a blonde one. No ‘blondes have more fun jokes,’ please. Is it for an upcoming film role? Verdict is out. We vote: Hope not. Looks good.


17th Annual Hollywood Film Awards - Arrivals


Speaking of film roles, J. Gyllenhaal showed up at the 17th Annual Hollywood Film Aawards on Monday night with a new svelte gaunt look. The 32-year-old actor is in full prep-mode for his upcoming film Nightcrawler, in which he plays a crime journalist… one who’s not about those Sunday buffets. “I think [I’ve lost] probably a little over 20 pounds, something like that,” Gyllenhaal told People Magazine, “It’s not different than getting into character for anything. It’s more about believe where you are and being present where you are. Who’s to say what the process is? I have a strange one … but I love what I do.”




S. LaBeouf is no stranger to showing off his unclothed body. He did it in the Sigur Rós music video Fjögur píanó. Then he insinuated to MTV News that he would be having real sex in Lars Von Trier’s upcoming film Nymphomaniac stating, “Anything that is ‘illegal’ will be shot in blurred images. But other than that, everything is happening….It’s going to be a wild movie, man. It’s going to be a wild movie.” And now, just days ago, because why privacy why, LaBeouf (no Shia in the LaBuff jokes here!) took to his Instagram account to promote his new film Charlie Countryman (in theatres 11/15 — look, it worked) with a little nudity.