Clean & Clear Makes the Ultimate $9 Blemish Hack

Summer is approaching, slowly but surely, which leads to a whole new bunch of skin concerns — so long, dryness & hello oiliness. Unsurprisingly, heat and humidity can increase the skin’s natural oil production which leads to blemishes. The best prevention is to cleanse and exfoliate regularly (ESPECIALLY if you have a beard, like me — shaving regularly counts as exfoliating but if you’re just trimming you gotta be thorough and really cleanse under there) but sometimes pimples are just gonna show up whether you like it or not.


When that happens, don’t panic and don’t pick at it. A ripe zit can be so tempting to pop but I promise you it threatens to cause more problems than it solves, mainly scarring and more pimples. My go-to solution is Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment, which is available at most pharmacies. It’s compact, oil-free, and dissolves oil on the skin’s surface so that it can penetrate and target the source of the blemish, with most people reporting seeing visible reduction in 4 hours (according to the box). And at $9, it’s a must-have for when you feel a pimple about to form. So come summer, when you feel a dreaded zit emerging, dab some Clean & Clear it and go on with your day. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen.