BTS: GIF Ready for the World Cup with These Animated Male Models


Last week we debuted our exclusive male model tribute to the FIFA World Cup, featuring 19 of this season’s most up-and-coming runway faces showing off their National football pride. What we didn’t tell you then, though, is that Essential Homme photographer Paolo Simi managed to sneak in some overtime animated fun, snapping these #tumblr ready gifs behind the scenes and bringing all your favorite models to life. Enjoy, and as they say on the field: Olé, Olé, Olé.

Nemanja_Russia_OKlento Rael_Brazil_OKlento_FLAG Stephan_Australia_OKlento Victor_France_OKlento_FLAG


Images photographed by Paolo Simi; Styled by Stefano Spinetta; Make up and hair by Sara Del ReMartin, Jorge Paradas, Claudia Tito, and Jonahid Miah; Editing by Piotr Trojanowski; Photo AssistantsGiulietta Raimondi and Nicola Lazzari; GIFs by Giulia Bertuletti.