Art Basel Miami 2019: Diesel Sells $5 Million T-Shirts

If you can afford a $120,000 dollar banana then surely a $5 Million dollar T-shirt would be the only suitable attire to eat it with — just make sure you don’t get it stained. For these types of conceptual art forms and more, design, art and fashion aficionados from around the globe flock to Miami Art Basel in search of the unconventional.


Introducing “The Condo T-Shirts — The Most Expensive T-Shirts Ever,” a range of 143 unique T-shirts each featuring a corresponding floorplan of an actual DIESEL Wynwood unit and retailing for the approximate cost of a new dwelling. For example, T-Shirt “D6-7L,” clocks in at a tab of $1,049,000. The T-shirt “F2-L7” has a price tag of $5,500,000. But if you buy one, then, you get a new home—at DIESEL’s brand new Wynwood development — “for free”.
The building is designed by Zyschovich Architects and developed by Bel Invest Group, grown under the creative guidance of DIESEL and reflects the values and distinctive style of DIESEL LIVING.


The DIESEL Wynwood, a WELL-certified building, is enriched by a host of thoughtfully designed amenities, including a contemporarily designed pool, gym, meditation room, meeting space, and an expansive, open-space lobby with an art gallery. Outside of the building, the extravagance of a courtyard functions as a tropical oasis for the building’s residents. Hey, it’s even walking distance from El Patio if you want to dance and booze and now you have the shirt that tells people where to take you back to, should you forget.