Acne Studios’ Retro Eyewear is Remarkably Fresh

For better or worse, the tiny eyewear trend has left almost as quickly as it arrived. Luckily, Acne Studios is here to fill that tiny-frame-sized hole in our hearts with a retro-inspired SS19 eyewear collection. Inspired by the mod shapes of the latter 20th century — think cat eye, wayfarer, and round John-Lennon-esque circle frames — the new collection from the Swedish label enhances these familiar styles with color contrasting details. The result is funky and versatile, with a happy mix of major eyewear trends from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s that feels especially now. Studded frames and sleek thin temples stand out as more traditional options, while a pair of thicker shades is embellished with a barbell hoop — try that for a piercing glare. (Sorry.)


The Acne Studios SS19 eyewear is available in select stores and online now. Check out some of the styles below.

Images: Acne Studios.