A Brief Guide to Post-Summer Hair Repair


As summer comes to a close and the world prepares for the dark embrace of fall and winter, it’s time to take some consideration the post-summer hair damage. Sun exposure can lead to dryness and the colder months aren’t much better — find out how to keep your hair healthy and moisturized all season long with a few key products below.


Image: Sans [ceuticals].

For post-summer damage, try Sans [ceuticals]’ Moisture + Protein Infusion spray.  The serum is equipped with proteins, vitamin B, and Keratrix — a natural active ingredient that restores damaged hair — that all help strengthen hair fibers to keep them healthy and moisturized during the dryer months. Additionally, the Nourishing Hair Hydratant is also equipped with ingredients like sunflower seed extracts, which prevents breakage and promotes growth — perfect combination against harsh winter conditions.


Image: Fig + Yarrow.

Dryer months can lead to grooming pests like dandruff, and when you wear dark colors the evidence is all too clear. Denver-based skincare company Fig + Yarrow offer a simple solution with their Hair + Scalp tonic. This rich oil is full of moisturizing properties like coconut oil, argan and avocado extracts, designed to penetrate deeply into the hair and scalp — a moisturized scalp is the key to eliminating and preventing dandruff.


Image: Maapilim.

Finish off your look with a simple product — Maapilim offers a Hair Paste pomade that provides a strong hold with a natural appearance and moisturizes the hair. The product is water-based, meaning minimal buildup and efficient abilities in protecting against hat hair.