Versace Introduces its Squalo Sneakers

Making their debut during Versace‘s Fall/Winter 2019 presentation, the Squalo sneaker takes the label’s footwear to a new level. The newest iteration of the style is a unisex shoe inspired by the great white shark that still reflects the essence and uniqueness of the wearer. In an accompanying video campaign, the abstract visual moves from a close up of the sneaker to a mirror reflection of the model, aligning the connection between the two.


The Squalo sneakers reflect the distinct ethos and the craftsmanship of the beloved Italian designer. The shoe was developed with the utmost advanced contemporary design in mind, while still retaining the house codes. The spirit of the designer thrives on the shoe, in leather details feature the signature “Versace” top-stitching logo, as well as on the tongue of the shoe. The fashion house mascot — the famous Medusa head — is hidden in the outsole of the shoe as a final stamp.


Versace The Squalo


Each sneaker is made with a thick sole, enhanced with waves inspired by shark teeth. Additionally, the statement shoe has a mesh exterior embroidered with a leopard stitching, mirroring the similar wavelike structure of the sole. Other color options include yellow and red, all-black, and white.


Paired with a Versace staple sock, the Squalo has been perfected for fall and is a must-have for any sneaker fan. Its utilitarian fashion transforms it from an elevated day sneaker to a casual chic staple of the night ready to withstand a night out. The simple and subtle designer stitching only adds to its Italian elegance.


Squalo Sneakers are available at select Versace stores and online.


Versace The Squalo