Urbeanears Releases New Colored Headphones

We’ve got exactly a month left until we can officially adopt a laissez-faire attitude towards all things not pools, beaches, and cocktails, but until then, it’s time to stock up on all the clothes and accessories you’ll want need for Summer. And with a new season, comes exciting new color offerings from Urbanears. The recently-rolled-out line of headphones come in three versions: Julep, Citrus, and Forget-Me Not (blue-ish purple). Made to endure the throbbing heat of summer (and the sweat that accompanies it), the headphones come with a removable headband and ear cushions that can be thrown in with your laundry. Plus, they include a built-in microphone and remote for hands-free chatting. Prone to spills? There’s a one-year premium replacement warranty on these guys.

2014ss-Julep copy

Julep is a saturated icy green color, with a hint of blue to round it off.

2014ss-citrus copy

Citrus is an intoxicating yellow shade.

2014ss-Blue copy

Forget-Me-Not is bluish-purple color named after a flower of the same shade.

The entire collection can be viewed and purchased online and at select retail locations.

Images courtesy of Urbanears.