Topical Melatonin is the New Wellness Craze

Created by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Marko Lens, Zelens has launched a new Z-Melatonin Overnight Serum, charged with a cocktail of restorative ingredients targeted to fight aging and environmental marks on our skin. At the center of attention: melatonin, which could just be the vitamin C equivalent for skincare.

“Melatonin has been known for many years as a molecule involved in body’s circadian rhythm,” explains Lens. “Studies showed that it a very strong antioxidant but at the same time it promotes collagen production.” It thus became the cornerstone product in his newest serum formulated to maximize skin’s natural repair offering a lifting effect with smoother and healthier skin appearance.

Ingestible melatonin has long been used as a sleep-aid as soon as it enters your bloodstream. However, this way prevents it from resurfacing to your skin and providing beneficial effects at that end. “Scientific results show that melatonin demonstrates strong antioxidant properties and protects DNA from oxidative damage,” says Lens. “Studies also show that it stimulates fibroblasts, which are cell producing collagen and elastin, and is a vital part of the skin repair process.” For skin, melatonin is the key ingredient in fighting fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots — all UV-induced damage. And as Zelens is the pioneer in many of its previous cosmetic products, it is way ahead of the curve in topical melatonin use as well.

The serum works best applied after skin cleansing in the evening. It may be mixed with any of the brand’s Power drops: Power A for further skin renewal, Power C for extra skin luminosity, and Power D to reinforce skin protective barrier. Doctor Lens also suggests using the Stem Complex Overnight Rejuvenating Cream after serum application.


Images: Courtesy of Zelens

Melatonin Overnight Serum, $220, ZELENS. Available at