Artis Goes Luxe with a $30,000 Gift Suitcase

Grooming brand Artis is offering the ultimate beauty gift — a holiday travel-set featuring a “Soprano” SteamLine Luggage piece filled a roster of unforgettable offerings for a whopping $30,000. The deluxe item is bedazzled with black diamonds, gold plated, and customized.


Artis x Steamline Luggage


While the “Fantasy Travel Kit” is the most decadent in the Artis holiday range, there are seven other options for an array of prices, from a $1,000 “Holiday Glamour Kit” to a $45 “Liner Kit.”


The Fantasy Travel Kit also includes a personal photoshoot with hair styling and makeup from a featured artist. The star element of the collection is, however, an Oval 7 brush crafted with two white-gold plates and encrusted with 346 hand-placed black diamonds. This brush can also be customized. Other pieces include phantom cleansing silks released earlier this year, sets of brushed, a gold travel case, eyeliner, brushes for applying grooming products, and others. This holiday option is for the real aficionado — one totally and fully dedicated to the art of beauty and travel.