‘The Rocketman’ Cometh: A Few Facts About Sir Elton John

With his upcoming biopic Rocketman slated for 2019, and his farewell tour, Farewell Yellow Brick Road, Sir Elton John returns to the spotlight. This multifaceted artist has transformed every aspect of showbiz as we know it, influencing fashion, music, and even soccer.  Aside from his accomplishments in vocal performance, Elton John has an awe inspiring resume — we highlight some lesser known facts about the icon.

  • He isn’t just about the music, he’s also a sports fanatic.  The triple-threat Brit owned a soccer team, Watford Football Club from 1976-1987 and 1997-2002.  He is currently an honorary life president and even had a stadium named after him in 2014. In 1975, John made his love for athletics abundantly clear when he performed Dodger Stadium in a sequined baseball uniform. We’d expect nothing less.


  •  Along with being a spectacular showman, John is an excellent composer.  He won Best Original Song during the 67th Academy Awards, along with Tim Rice, for “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” from The Lion King, as well as a Grammy during the 37th Grammy Awards for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.  Later, he composed the musical score for a number of hit Broadway shows including Billy Elliot: The Musical and Aida.


  • To call him a fashion icon is an understatement.  Elton John is a fashion muse, instigator, and tastemaker. Blossoming during the 70’s glam era, he had no problem indulging in luxurious camp. Big rhinestone sunglasses, huge plumage, multi-colored bow-ties, he had the ability to reinvent suits with opulent theatrics.  He has a close working relationship with Gucci, responsible for designing the outfits for his farewell tour, which commenced in September and is scheduled to continue until 2021.


  • Politics makes strange bedfellows, and so does musical entertainment.  Since their controversial duet in 2001 during the 43rd Grammy Awards, during which Elton John sang the accompaniment to Eminem’s hit rap song “Stan”, the two mega-stars have remained close friends.  Over the years the two have reportedly exchanged everything from life advice to extravagantly outrageous wedding presents.