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The Essential Guide to the Best Holiday Spirits

Picking gifts isn’t always easy but we’re firm believers that you can’t go wrong with a holiday spirit. From an array of mezcals, whiskeys, and everything in between, there’s a gift for even the pickiest drinkers and/or yourself that’s just a liquor store away. Bottoms up!


Aerstone Single Malt Scotch Whisky

alcohol gift guide aerstone

This 10-year-old single malt Scotch whisky from William Grant & Sons is a smooth and easy single malt that is likely to the liking of most.. ($28.99. available at select retailers) 


Bombay Sapphire Gin

alcohol gift guide bombay sapphire

As the world’s leading gin, Bombay Sapphire ensures a good martini and certainly a good time at any holiday celebration. ($29, available at 


Lenny Kravitz x Dom Pérignon Limited Edition Rosé Vintage 2006

alcohol gift guide dom perignon

For a true gourmand of bubbles and cinema, the Lenny Kravitz collaboration with Dom Pérignon champagne house if a must-have collectible bottle. The 2006 rosé bottle perfectly represents one of the best recent vintages for the terroir making it the perfect gift. ($349, available upon request)


Gem & Bolt Mezcal

alcohol gift guide gem & bolt

Oaxaca is fortunate enough to house some of the best mezcals. Gem & Bolt takes the notion further infusing the spirit with damiana herb f0r an extra kick. ($49.99, available at


Robert Mondavi 2016 vintage Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

alcohol gift guide meoimie

The gift of vino is never a bad option and this Napa option is a really special vintage. Its sophisticated flavor of black fruits and warm spices will be ideal for a decadent holiday dinner. ($175, available at select retailers) 


Krug Grande Cuvée 164th Edition en Magnum

alcohol gift guide krug

If you’re in store for champagne, there’s no other choice than a magnum — you know you’ll need it. ($499, available per request) 


Meiomi Pinot Noir

alcohol gift guide meiomi

Still sticking to California for reds, this Meiomi is a tasty option you can tap a few bottles of. ($19.99, available on 


Rémy Martin XO limited-edition bottle designed by Steaven Richard

alcohol gift guide remy martin

Always a bit partial to cognac, XO is a fan-favorite. This celebrated edition’s design delves into contemporary art, history and a true savoir-faire from Steaven Richard who has previously worked with Karl Lagerfeld. ($200, available at select retailers)


Santa Teresa 1796 

alcohol gift guide santa tersa

Dreaming of sunshine and tropical tastes, this Venezuelan rum hits the spot with its fruity nose and dry palate. ($52.99, available at 


Mezcal Union Joven 

alcohol gift guide mezcal union Artisanally produced by a union of Oaxacan families, Union bottles a spirit of home and the holidays in of itself. ($36.00, available at


Volcán de mi Tierra Cristalino 

alcohol gift guide volcan

There are close to a thousand tequila brands, but Volcán truly plays with terroir to offer a clean, smooth, and easily likable version. ($67.99, available at


Woodford Reserve’s Holiday 1 Liter Edition Bottle

alcohol gift guide bourbon

What are the holidays without bourbon? This limited-edition is a one-time-only product with hints of bold grain and wood, to sweet aromatics, spice, and fruit & floral notes and a seasonal stamp is begging to join in on the holiday spirit. ($45, available at select retailers)