Snoop Dogg x Happy Socks Coming Soon


Image: Happy Socks.

Hip-hop elder statesman Snoop Dogg (or whatever animalistic rebirth of a name the rapper has taken today) is teaming up with Swedish sock-makers and masters of the print, Happy Socks, for a collection entitled “The Art of Inspiration.” Having repped streetwear giant HUF last year, the celebrated rapper is no stranger to the world of this-how-you-should-be-dressing-if-you-want-to-be-a-star, and the new campaign provides yet another outlet for him to expand his influence. That, plus Happy Socks’ mission to turn an often-overlooked wardrobe staple into a colorful accessory, equates in a great platform for us everyday people to view the world through Snoop’s eyes. And since his humor is always on point—as most recently exemplified by his video with Psy last month—what better way to express that  than through a pair of eye-popping socks? The collaboration will be unveiled globally on November 1, 2014, but until then you can watch a trailer for the mash-up and shop the brand’s current collections online, which the iconic rapper has already incorporated into his wardrobe.