Like Spinach For Your Face: Popeye + Razor MD Shaving Products

Popeye Razor MD shaving set limited edition father's day gift ideas shave cream after shave lotion shave oil

Makes sense that Razor MD products would team up with someone as health conscious as Popeye. The man could, after all, squeeze spinach out of a can with just one hand. Anyway, Popeye the sailor man has ditched retirement and has snagged himself a job as the new face of a line of luxuriously, hand-crafted line of Razor MD® shaving products. The Popeye Shave Collection is an all-natural, American-made line for men, and like all Razor MD products, is for you guys who appreciate unfettered ingredient lists and something a little extra in terms of style. The collection sold as a complete three-piece shaving set—a herbal shave cream, post-shave lotion and pre-shave oil—comes housed in a hand-made Popeye signature tin can, which maybe could be refilled with spinach, or today, more likely, kale. The limited edition collection will launch on March 31st at Nordstrom.com and should be kept in mind for Father’s Day.


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